Autonomous Behavior Of Roboraptor Online

Roboraptor is a robotic toy created by Mark Tilden; it is distributed by Wow Wee Toys International. This robotic toy has multi-function PlayStation style remote control which utilizes infrared technology to control it. It is totally capable of autonomous life-like movement. Besides this, roboraptor also has several modes of behavior or moods. It responds with mood specific behaviors and sounds. Let’s discuss in brief about the autonomous behavior of roboraptor online in the following article.

As we all know roboraptor is an autonomous robot that works on batteries. As far as autonomous behavior of online roboraptor is concerned, it has four distinctive modes of behavior which includes hunting, cautious, playful and free-roam. Let’s know in details about the different modes of behavior of roboraptor online:

Hunting – This is the first autonomous behavior of roboraptor online. In hunting mood, roboraptor will react with sharp sounds, focusing its attention on repeated sounds coming from the same direction.

Cautious – Being cautious is another roboraptor autonomous behavior. When we consider the cautious behavior of roboraptor, the reaction will opposite to hunting mode. In this mode, roboraptor will move away from the sounds it hears.

Playful – In playful mood, roboraptor will react to sounds in whimsical manner but it neither approaches nor avoids them.

Free-roam – As far as free-roam mode is concerned, roboraptor will explore its surrounding and avoids obstacles as well as stops occasionally to listen for loud sounds to investigate. The raptor walks well on smooth surfaces but not on carpet.

Besides the above autonomous behavior of roboraptor online, roboraptor also has different sensors that enable him to avoid obstacles while roaming in any direction of your house. Roboraptor has touch sensors in its mouth, on its head, and on its tail. However, its reaction totally varies depending on its mood. In hunting mode, it will react angrily, will roar or bite and gnash its teeth when touched. In cautious mode, roboraptor can make noises and retreat warily. However, in playful mode, roboraptor will snuggle nuzzle your hand or play tug of war with your finger if you put it in roboraptor’s mouth.