Laser Targeting In Roboraptor

Roboraptor comes with different features, it has multiple sensors which enables him to explore his surrounding and respond to human reaction.  Sensors normally includes infrared vision sensors and touch sensors. It also has different modes of behavior which includes hunting mode, cautions mode and playful mode. Besides this features, roboraptor has laser targeting feature. Let’s find out in brief about laser targeting in roboraptor online and how it works.

As we all know that vision sensors in roboraptor online help him to avoid obstacles while wandering around.  When walking, roboraptor will be unable to detect movement so he will react to you as if you are an obstacle. But roboraptor laser targeting can be use to guide him while walking. The green Targeting Assist Light from the remote control will make the roboraptor walk or move towards the light. However, the infrared vision system and laser targeting in online roboraptor are based on reflection. This simply implies that roboraptor can see highly reflective surfaces such as white walls or mirrors more easily and at greater distances. Roboraptor also walks best on smooth surfaces.

As far as laser targeting in roboraptor online is concerned, some people have trouble getting their roboraptor follow the laser light from their remote control, also called as the pickle point according to Mark Tilden. It is simple a green spot light that you can shine on the ground and have your roboraptor follow it. Let’s find out how you can use the roboraptor laser light. First of all you should point the laser light about a half a meter before the roboraptor. Then you can press the button. You can do it in a room with normal light bulbs where there is little sunlight or other infrared signals. You should not move the pickle point round continuously. Point at a spot on the ground or a wall, and let your Roboraptor get a reading on it. Once it reaches the pickle point, you can move it somewhere new.

As mentioned above you should do it in inside a sunless room. The sun generates light waves that turn into infrared rays after entering your room. These infrared rays will conflict with your roboraptor's ability to follow the pickle point. However, the above details regarding laser targeting in roboraptor online helps you know how to use roboraptor laser light.