Mini Roboraptor

Mini roboraptor online is a smaller version of roboraptor. This robotic toy does not actually have a remote control or various modes of behavior. As compared to roboraptor, it is not an autonomous robot so much as it is a wind-up toy. Mini roboraptor robot actually runs on batteries. When we compare to roboraptor, this mini roboraptor is smaller, cheaper and less functional roboraptor. It walks at a single pace and it has a trigger to make its mouth move, but it does not have any other sensors. Let’s find out the features of online mini roboraptor in the following article.

As we have already mentioned above, mini roboraptor online is smaller version of the full sized roboraptor. There are certain features of this tiny roboraptor. It is a 7-inch robotic dinosaur and is an advanced fusion of technology and wild individuality. Mini roboraptor toy can actually walk.  You can move and change the position of its arms and jaws; however you must do so manually. It runs on batteries, in fact it requires only two AAA batteries. Mini roboraptor online is compact in size and is very easy to carry. Moreover, it comes with three months manufacturer’s warranty. It is small in size and big on fun.

Unlike roboraptor, this mini version does not have a remote control. Like that of the bigger roboraptor, mini roboraptor online does not have all the cool artificial intelligence capabilities or different modes of behavior including hunting mode, cautious mode and playful mode. Nor does it have any sensors like the stereo sonic sensors for sound location (prey finding) and the infrared sensors for obstacle avoidance. It may be smaller in size but mini roboraptor online is big in fun with his hunting gait, pose able arms, and biting jaw.

The bigger version i.e. roboraptor comes with realistic body motions, walking, running, head and neck turning, whipping tail actions and chomping jaw.  Measuring 15 inches from nose to tail, the mini roboraptor online is a conveniently compact size, slipping easily into a backpack. While this raptor hasn’t yet developed his full hunting skills, but has still a lot of fun. This mini version is steady on his feet, but works best on smooth, hard surfaces.