Sensors In Roboraptor

Roboraptor is an autonomous robot that runs on batteries. In fact, it is the successor to the RoboSapien and it utilizes motion technology based on realistic biomechanics that give it fluid and natural movements. It has a multi-function remote control that uses infrared technology to talk to it. Roboraptor comes with different sensors that enable it to monitor and interact with its surrounding. Let’s know in brief about the sensors in roboraptor online.

As mentioned above roboraptor comes with multiple sensors that allow monitoring and interacting with its environment. Sensors in online roboraptor include touch sensors, tail touch sensors, chin touch sensors and mouth touch sensors. These roboraptor sensors enable roboraptor to explore and interact with its environment allowing for more fun and interactive play. This is one of the main features of roboraptor robotic toy. However, when you touch one of its sensors, its reaction will vary depending on its mood.

If you touch roboraptors face, when it’s in hunting mode then it will react angrily as well as try to attack you. But when it’s in playful mode, it will nuzzle your hand and will attack using its jaws. Besides that above mentioned sensors, roboraptor also has other sensors. Other sensors in roboraptor online include stereo sound sensors and infrared vision sensors. Stereo sound sensors of roboraptor online help to detect sharp, loud sound to its left, right and directly ahead.  Roboraptor can only hear the sound when it’s not moving or making a noise.

The other sensors in roboraptor online i.e. the infrared vision sensors allow roboraptor to detect movement in either side of it. However, this type of sensors will actually react best to movement in the area just in front of its nose. In a playful mood, roboraptor will snuggle your hand if you move towards from the side.. When roboraptor is in cautious mood, it will turn its head away from movement to the side. However, in the case of hunting mood, its reaction will be less friendly. The twin infrared sensors in roboraptor online allow him to avoid obstacles while roaming around your house. Always keep in mind that roboraptor reaction to being touched will vary depending on its mood.